Rock´n´Roll Name: Fucks Lee, Foxy
Birth Place: Earth
Zodiac: Aries
Color of Eyes: Brown
Color of Hair: Brown
Favourite Colors: Tangerine
Former Occupation: Photographer
Ambitions: Cover of the Rolling Stone
Instruments Played: Bass, Mandolin, Harp
Own Style of Music: Polka, C&W
First Public Appearance: "Wärmestube Fürth" 1984
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Bathtub-singing
Favourite Likes: Sunrise
Favourite Dislikes: Having to Wait
Favourite Soccer Team: SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Favourite Animal: Cat
Favourite Food: Carp
Favourite Drink: Milk
Favourite Beer Brand: Leupser Bier
Favourite Rock´n´Roll Band: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Favourite Recording Star: Chuck Berry
Alltime Favourite Song: "Hanky Panky"
10 Records for an Island:
"Aftermath" - The Rolling Stones
"Introducing…" Beau Brummels
"Gal Costa" - Gal Costa
"Key Lime Pie" - Camper Van Beethoven
"The Gilded Palace of Sin" - Flying Burrito Brothers
"Strawberries" - The Damned
"Adios Amigos" - The Ramones
"All Hopped Up" - NRBQ
"Arthur" - The Kinks
"Quadrophenia" - The Who
Favorite Composer: Bob Dylan
Favourite Film Star: Ives Montand
Favourite Film: American Grafitti
Favourite Children TV-Programme: Pan Tau
Favorite Book: "Moby Dick" - Herman Melville
Fahrenheit 451´s Personal Book to Memorize: "Jitterbug Perfume" - Tom Robbins