Rock´n´Roll Name: Andy Lee, Christina Aguilera, Anti Contra, Andy the German :-)
Birth Place: Nürnberg
Zodiac: Capricorn
Color of Eyes: Blue
Color of Hair: Brown
Favourite Colors: Orange
Former Occupation: Graphic-Designer, Bruce Lee's Stuntman
Ambitions: Air Guitar World Champion, to own a Batik-Shirt-Shop in Benares,
Spanish, best costume on Carneval 2005, to marry a girl from Honolulu,
another Drahdiwaberl-Concert!!!
Instruments Played: Guitar, Saz, Organ, Accordion, Harp, Drums
Own Style of Music: Trashcountry, Surf, Punk'n'Roll
First Public Appearance: Delivery Room Martha Maria Nürnberg
Hobbies: Photographing, Super8-Shortfilms, Czech and Italian Language, Soccer
Favourite Likes: Playing Guitar
Favourite Dislikes: Broken Strings!!!
Favourite Soccer Team: Bengasi Bombers Dreamteam United
Favourite Animal: Flipper
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Drink: Orange Blossom Tea
Favourite Beer Brand: Plzensky Prazdroj 10° and Leupser Dunkel
Favourite Rock´n´Roll Band: Camper Van Beethoven
Favourite Recording Star: Howe Gelb? Mark Linkous? David Lowery?
Alltime Favourite Song: "Je t'aime" - Serge Gainsbourgh + Jane Birkin
10 Records for an Island:
"Giant Sand " - Map
"Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" - Mudhoney
"Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot" - Sparklehorse
"Key Lime Pie" - Camper Van Beethoven
"American Prayer" - Silver Jews
"Pink Flag" - The Wire
"Wowee Zowee" - Pavement
"Charmed Life" - Half Japanese
"Psychic Powerless ... Another Mans Sac" - Butthole Surfers
"Double Nickels On The Dime" - Minutemen
Favorite Composer: Conlon Nancarrow
Favourite Film Star: Johnny Depp
Favourite Film: "Das Leben der Boheme" (Aki Kaurismäki)
Favourite Children TV-Programme: Pan Tau
Favorite Books: "Don Quichote" (Cervantes),"Ecume de Jour" (Boris Vian), "Schuld und Sühne" (Dostojewski)
Fahrenheit 451´s Personal Book to Memorize: "Gargantua and Pantagruel" - Rabelais