Who put the bomb into Rock´n´Roll?
George Double You? Holy Buddy? Kissing Henry? No Babe! It´s those hungry young men called »bomb Texas« from the Swiss Frankonian Mountains. Afar from the Global Village the three lived a peaceful life of bearhunting, beangrowing and beerdrinking. Until one fine day the circus came to their remote valley. Overpowered by flashing lights, brass music and limber women, they decided to change their lives and seek fortune in a world of entertainment. But what can three poor boys do, ´cept to sing in a circus band? They picked up some instruments and learned to play the Hula-Hoop, the Rama-Lang, the Limbo, even the Bossa Nova and went to perform every stage in Upper-, Middle- and Underfrankonia. So full of earthly power and heavenly magic was their crazy beat, that girls cried and boys freaked wherever they came. Nowadays, almost famous and rich, they set out on saving the rest of the world with their definition of a bombastic rock style.




Sat., March 9th 2024

Zum Hirschen, Königstein
Sat., March 16th 2024
Nanostock, Brauerei Böheim, Pegnitz,